Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts: Is your product safe?

 The United States has a very safe supply of foods, drugs, cosmetics and other consumer packaged goods; however, even the most reliable of manufacturers can have occasional quality control issues that can render products potentially unsafe.  Responsible manufacturers will contact FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) with a recall or market withdrawal if they believe that their product has safety issues or might have been contaminated with an undeclared substance (e.g. wheat).  

 FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) has various ways in which consumers can access recall notifications:

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by regularly checking FDA’s recall page or signing up for notifications via email or Twitter. 

 Please note that only products that fall under FDA’s purview (e.g. food, drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, etc) are a part of this notification process; however, you have the choice of signing up for multiple notices from different federal departments (e.g. USDA which has jurisdiction over produce and meat) when you sign up for email notifications from FDA.

                                                                                        Jin An, MSLIS

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