You can “bento-n” this

In 2010, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, launched the Let’s Move! initiative to increase awareness of childhood obesity and help decrease the ever-growing number of children with this disease. The two main focal points of this initiative are to increase physical activity and encourage a healthier diet.
However encouraging kids to eat healthier is easier said than done, right? It can be challenging to get kids to change their eating habits or try something new. Yet with a few good resources (see below) and some creativity there is a way to make healthier foods appealing and appetizing to young diners. New spins on bento boxed lunches help with variety and portion control. Cutting shapes using different foods such as sandwiches and fruit make eating fun for little ones. Have the kids participate in grocery shopping and meal planning. Or even better, cook together! And don’t forget, these ideas are great for everyone, not just kids!

                                                                            Esther Sarino, MLIS

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