Summer Travel: Veins, Trains and Automobiles

Maybe you are one of the  “77% of  Americans are planning on taking a summer vacation” in 2013! Whether you are traveling by car, air or train the Brickell Library encourages you to adopt healthy habits while on the road.  We all know to pack healthy foods of course, did you know it’s important to remember to stretch those legs?  Why stretch?  Because not stretching can lead to deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) commonly known as a blood clot.  What is a blood clot?  According to the MedlinePlus Encyclopedia  “blood clots are are clumps that occur when blood hardens from a liquid to a solid”.  We also learn from the encyclopedia entry when a blood clot occurs in a vein or artery it is called thrombus and can impair the flow of blood.

Learn more about staying healthy on the road visit the websites below;
Preventing Deadly Blood Clots (Consumer Reports)
Clots and Travel (American Society of Hematology)
Health tip: Packing Food for a Road Trip (MedlinePlus)
Staying Healthy While You Travel (Nemours Foundation)

Learn more about health issues search Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Edward E. Brickell Medical Sciences Library collections and databases by visiting the library’s website at
Get out of the car and stretch!  Walk up and down the aisle of that airplane or train! The Brickell Library staff wishes you a safe and healthy trip wherever your destination!
(PS Don’t forget the sunscreen!!)

R. Smith, MLIS

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