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If you  suffer from back pain you are not alone, “By one estimate, 80 percent of Americans will experience low-back pain at least once during their lifetime”. Although a typical problem of aging, anyone can develop back pain including children. Causes of back pain are many and range from over-activity, pregnancy, to arthritis and disk issues including disk degenerationBack pain is one of the most common reasons for people to visit their doctors.  “One frustration for doctors is the lack of an objective diagnostic test”.  Learn  about the EVMS Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s effort to develop an objective diagnostic test by reading the article “A new way to measure back pain” in the latest edition of the EVMS Magazine

Discover additional information about back pain by visiting the links below;
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Have fun in your garden this Spring! Have fun Spring cleaning?! And remember to lift with your knees!

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Ruth Smith, MLIS

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