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Did you know that there are two types of Diabetes? Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. “As many as 3 million Americans may have Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)”.
Although there is no known cure for Type 1 Diabetes, EVMS Physicians research efforts offer hope for a new treatment. Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Yumi Imai, MD will be awarded a CIT grant of $100,000. Working in a collaboration with Jerry Nadler, MD, EVMS Vice Dean for Research, Chair of Internal Medicine and the Harry H. Mansbach Chair in Internal Medicine, Dr. Imair will research a Type 1 Diabetes combination treatment focusing on beta cells. “Beta cells are the body’s only cells that produce insulin, so patients with Type 1 disease must inject insulin to stay alive”. To learn more about this EVMS research effort read the EVMS magazine article “CIT grants supports study of Type 1 diabetes treatment”

Did you know that EVMS has a center focused on Diabetes? Visit on the Strelitz Diabetes Center to learn more.

Curious about Type 1 Diabetes? Visit the links below;
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