Read More About It @ The Brickell Library: It’s Cold Outside! Cold Weather Health Tips

With the first day of Winter behind us, we are still experiencing winter weather. Temperatures in our area of Virginia range from 35 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of January. Cold weather can impact our health. In 2013, 34 hospitalizations were attributed to “unintentional injuries sustained due to cold weather” per Anne M. Zehner, MPH Epidemiologist, Virginia Department of Health

24 deaths due to cold weather were reported in the United States by NOAA in 2013 none of these deaths occurred in Virginia. Winter injuries are much more common and range from frost bite and hypothermia to carbon monoxide poisoning.

While we are waiting for the weather to warm up how can we be healthy in cold weather?

Read what the EVMS Emergency Medicine Department has to share about cold weather and health;
Cold Weather Tips From EVMS Emergency Medicine

Want to learn more about cold weather health? Click on the links below;
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Ruth Smith, MLIS

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