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Anatomy falls within the field of Biology and may be defined as “the science concerned with the shape, structure and the relationship of parts of organisms”.  The word “Anatomy” is Greek in origins, ana – meaning up and tome meaning cutting.  Anatomy then is naturally linked to dissection. These two words are not interchangeable however, dissection is “the act or process of dissecting or separating”.  Human Anatomy is then the study of the “shape, structure and the relationship of parts of” a human body.

Without doubt human bodies are amazing!  It is via the study of Human Anatomy that we learn astonishing facts about our bodies. For instance; from Nemours Teen Health “If the skin of a typical 150-pound (68-kilogram) adult male were stretched out flat, it would cover about 2 square yards (1.7 square meters) and weigh about 9 pounds (4 kilograms)” or that our digestive system can be 27 feet long!  Learning about human anatomy stretches back thousands of years with the first recorded teaching of human anatomy occurring in Egypt in 275BCE and happens today here at EVMS.

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