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Electronic Cigarettes,  sometimes referred to as e-cigarettes or nicotine delivery systems, took their place in US market 7 years ago.  These battery operated devices deliver nicotine via vapor (“vaping”) to the user “without the other chemicals produced by burning tobacco leaves”. According to the National Institutes of Health(NIH)Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States”.  Currently the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates electronic cigarettes that are marketed as therapeutic only.  It should be noted however that the FDA has proposed the regulation of all electronic cigarettes by their organization.

Electronic cigarettes have gained a strong foothold in the United States  with 10% of Adult Americans now “vaping”.  Vaping is also gaining  popularity with younger people,  EVMS reports that an “estimated 2 million high-school students and 450,000 middle-school students nationwide are experimenting with vaping”. According to the American Cancer Society, “studies have shown that e-cigarettes can cause short-term lung changes that are much like those caused by regular cigarettes. But long-term health effects are still unclear. This is an active area of research, but the safety of these products is currently unknown”.

EVMS has been awarded a grant to study vaping amongst youth. Curious to learn about the EVMS efforts to learn why teens are vaping?  Read the article  “Up in Smoke Harmful or Harmless?  EVMS Researchers Take on the Vaping Trend” found in the latest issue of our EVMS magazine.

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Ruth M. Smith, MLIS

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