Editorial Policy for the Edward E. Brickell Medical Sciences Library’s
Consumer Health Blog

Purpose: This blog is about consumer health topics of interest to the general public and a vehicle to promote the Edward E. Brickell Medical Sciences Library and library outreach events.  This is a new blog with a new editorial policy – the editorial policy will be reviewed monthly.  Questions about the blog should be directed to Ruth Smith, Outreach Coordinator and Blog Editor at smithrm@evms.edu  

1.     Who Can Post: Brickell Librarians may submit posts to the blog editor for consideration. Suggestions for topics can be submitted to the editor by the EVMS Community. Depending on the topic the editor may solicit expert collaborators from the EVMS faculty, staff and students. Solicited guest posts must meet the requirements as set forth in the editorial policy and again will be posted at the discretion of the Brickell librarians.   

2.     Type of Posts: Posts should be about a consumer health subject in a style that is interesting, timely and educational (fun is ok too!). Posts can be original narratives or short paragraph introductions that link to other sites of interest. 

3.     Formatting: Entries should be submitted as Word documents. Keep entries to 50-150 words. In general, use no more than 5 embedded links. Preferred sources for links are non-profits or US government sources.  Headlines should be short 3-8 words. 

4.     Multimedia:  Fair-use videos, photos and images may be embedded in blog entries.


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